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One of the things I like about how Volvox arranges their music is the way they don’t clutter up the frequencies with multiple parts. Many bands, especially ones who lean towards harder rock, will often have the guitar playing low notes – chugging away or whatever – which puts it in the same register as the bass, and when you have more than one instrument taking up that space, clarity is lost. For much of the time, Volvox’s bass is in the lower range of the instrument, and the guitar is generally in the mid- to upper-mid-range, with the keyboards taking the upper range. All the parts stand out really well, and you get to hear what each of the players is doing. Luckily for Volvox, the musicians are all up to the scrutiny, and it comes off really well. In addition to the technical skills, the compositions are varied and engaging, with some beautiful piano passages to provide respite from the louder sections. I was struck by a part in the middle of “Eclipse” where the melody is on the piano, played in octaves in the middle register, while string synth and acoustic guitar provide backing. This tune also features a latin flavor, though without losing sight of the progressive rock core. At times the melodies have a slightly Crimson-like angularity, but more often they feel more like good, solid symphonic instrumental prog. All the pieces fit together admirably, from the rhythm section to the keys and guitar. Volvox is one of the best bands I know of in Argentina’s current crop, well worth checking out.


A debut eponymous release from an Argentinian band can't be bad when it's inventively named after a tiny green alga. Volvox is an instrumental band not short on ideas or influences. It's jazzy, occasionally heavy and phrenetic prog with intermittent aggressive heavier overtones. Keyboards and guitars compete for the forefront, although the drumming is extremely good, too.  The guitar work has an occasional King Crimson feel to it (the Adrian Belew incarnation), the keyboards are a tad more conventional. The drumming is, at times, phenomenal.  At the end of Sindrome de Estocolmo they borrow heavily (also known as copying) a riff or three from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Cobra has a distinct world music feel to it, while "Eclipse" is much more in a jazz vein. Obsessive Blues again starts out with more light jazz, although the song does swiftly head into bluesier territory, in a not dissimilar way to Steve Hackett's occasional foray into a genre he loves. The man himself would definitely be impressed by the most prog piece on the album, a Hackett-like piercing guitar assault on Jacques Cousteau. It's the album's stand-out by a long way, and the drumming - almost a solo - is again outstanding, before the blistering guitar scorches its way back in.  Volvox have certainly created a varied album of instrumentals. The playing is great, and the variety keeps things fresh. It's all very good, but just lacks that spark and cohesion that takes a good album into great territory. But there's enough on show here - especially on that truly epic Jacques Cousteau_, to suggest that, with a bit of fine tuning, Volvox can make real inroads into the prog genre. Anyone not checking out the album should, at least, investigate that one track, bearing in mind that the entire disc doesn't inhabit similar territory. More's the pity.


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All the way from Argentina comes the 4-piece instrumental band Volvox, whom are delivering a truly superb debut album. The band is playing instrumental progressive rock at an incredible high level, with lovely melodies created by keyboardplayer Marcelo Pijachi and guitarist Cristian Violante, which you can hear in each and every song of the 10 included. There's a distinctive Neo-Progressive Rocksound going on here, which reminds a bit of Threshold and Pallas, yet of course without the vocals. Although I usually get bored with instrumental releases, this one definitely offers much more and shows a fantastic band playing lovely instrumental progressive rockmusic with a clear soul and thererfore I can easily give them a huge recommendation. More info on this talented upcoming band at


(Points: 8.7 out of 10)


Gabor Kleinbloesem

Strutter Magazine - - THE NETHERLANDS

Este es el primer disco que escuché para este número ¡y no podía arrancar mejor! Música instrumental maravillosa, tremendamente bien compuesta, producida y tocada, que no deja hacer pie en ningún momento y disfrutas todo el tiempo. Ecos de grandes grupos sinfónicos se combinan con elementos jazzeros, tangueros y contemporáneos. El responsable es este cuarteto porteño formado en 2007, que experimentó hace poco la ida de Pablo Giménez, su bajista. Son 10 temas fantasticos en los que éste, Marcelo Pijachi (Teclados), Cristian Violante (guitarra) y Pablo Pucheta (batería) desarrollan un álbum grandioso que vale la pena tener.


Carlos M. Rosa

Revista Efecto Metal - Argentina 

Ce nést pas tous les jours que l´on peut écouter un groupe argentin. Né en 2007 à l´initiative du compositeur et claviériste Marcelo Pijachi, de Nikolaus Kirstein (originaire de Berlin) à la batterie, de Pablo Gimenez à la basse et Ricardo Rolando aux guitares, Volvox a sorti une démo en 2008. Après un changement de personnel, ils ont gagné un concours organisé par les autorités de Buenos Aires, les intronisant parmi les meilleurs groupes en 2013. A part Marcelo le line up a été complèment remanié: c´est ainsi que l´on trouve Pablo Salvatelli  à la basse, Cristian Violante aux guitares et Pablo Pucheta à la batterie. C´est un heavy progressif des plus intéressants qu´il nous est donné d´entendre sur cette plaque. Dès Oxigeno les hostilités son lancées: l´assiese rythmique est excellente et les claviers se font virevoltants tandis que la guitare se montre incisive: une belle mise en bouche! Encore plus heavy, Después del Ocaso nous entraine encore plus loin et devoile une belle partie de basse slappé. Un calme relatif arrive ensuite avec Más alla de lo evidente, cachant un superb break à la guitare! L´intro de El arte de la guerra se montre nettement moins guerrier que ce que l´on aurait pu craindre: de beaux accords au clavier nous font entrer dans ce morceau tout en douceur avec tout au long des notes qui s´égrènent pour notre plus grand plaisir. Une ambiance légèrement jazzy et voilá Síndrome de Estocolmo qui début. Cobra nous entraine dans une ambiance orientale. Eclipse nous montre un cote encore plus jazzy du groupe. bien plus progressif Jaques Cousteau le titre le plus long de cet album varie les plaisirs tandis qu´un piano virevoltant  ouvre la derniere plage Degeneración en generación. N´ayez crainte de la découverte, le charme de l´amerique latine se devoile meme pour des groupes plus heavy que progressifs!


Volvox es un grupo de rock progresivo instrumental con base en Buenos Aires - Argentina

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